All your digital life on your digital home.

About the project

A virtual city that worked as a bookmark. Everything you thought was cool on the internet it could be saved there, at home.

You could invite your friends to be your neighbors, create your house according to your style, and of course, do not miss anything that you like in the virtual world, separated into categories (movies, games, music, etc). Also, you could do other things in the virtual city, such as download free games, download music, watch movies, earn coins according to your interaction, further than that, customize your home, giving it your touch.

Ficha Técnica

Creative Director: Alon Sochaczewski

Creation: Fabio Matiazzi and Ana Dolabela

Illustration Studio:Lobo

Illustrator:Fabio Matiazzi


My name is Fabio Matiazzi.
You will see my work in a minute.