I deserve more from me

Many of you to do whatever you want.

About the project

We translated the global campaign “Multiply” in a fun and interactive way, showing that you can do many things at once with an Intel computer.

It was created the 1st short interactive film in Brazil, where you could determine what the character should do in the story, you could decide which path he should follow, in accordance with dozens of different stories choices, it could be constructed with different ends, some longer and others shorter. The short film was 14 minutes long, and people spent an average of 18 minutes on the website.

Ficha Técnica

Creative Director: Lusa Silvestre, Fabio Matiazzi and Miguel Genovese

Creation: José Rezek, Juliana Faria, Fabio Matiazzi and Lusa Silvestre

Producer:Bossa Nova



My name is Fabio Matiazzi.
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