Family Safety Instructions

Family security video surprised passengers in flight on Christmas’eve and New Year’s Eve.

About the project

Called “Family Safety Instructions”, the action accomplished its goal of surprise and delight TAM customers in flight over Christmas and the New Year, exactly at midnight hours, the action ran as follows: ‘relatives of some passengers in these flights replaced the crew on the traditional security video.

It was created a web film showing behind the scenes of how all the surprise was produced, the passengers’ reactions at full takeoff watching their families in safety videos, until the grand finale, when they arrive at the destination and are welcomed by the relatives.

Ficha Técnica

Creative Director: Fabio Matiazzi and Rafael Palermo

Creation:Gui Medici, Breno Amaro, Daniel Ogawa, Daniel Ribeiro and Rafael Carvalho


Director:Coi Belluzzo


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