Vivo Machine

Interactivity, innovation and technology among participants of the biggest Geeky party in the country.

About the project

Visitors of the Campus Party participated in a fun digital entertainment activity: a claw machine controlled by smartphone. The visitors could try the luck to take home the mascot of Vivo, a teddy Vivinho as an event souvenir.

To make the game happens, it was created a mobile application and installed on the machine a card with a chip which enables command the claw via Wi-Fi using the smartphone instead of the joystick of the claw machine. To play, visitors needed just to tweet a message with the hashtag #vivomachine and try to control the claw to pick up the award.

Ficha Técnica

Creative Director: Fabio Matiazzi

Creation: Natasha Leite, Fabio Fregni and Fabio Matiazzi


My name is Fabio Matiazzi.
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