Winning forever

Interactivity increases the chances of relationships in real and virtual life.

About the project

Aiming to encourage people to explore the content and benefits of the Vivo Valoriza relationship program, we created a website in a different way.

A couple is living a love story – from the first meeting until the marriage proposal – the user could interact with the story, and discover new chapters about the services of Vivo Valoriza.

The channel also showed secondary stories – for example, when the character caught his girlfriend first look – making entertainment more interesting.

Ficha Técnica

Creative Director: Marcello Barcelos, Rafael Urenha, Diego Zaragoza and Fabio Matiazzi

Creation: Fabio Matiazzi, Fabio Fregni, Raphael Gentil, Gisele Moreira, Gi Copedê, Natasha Leite, Thomaz Dantas, Sibely Pillon, Fabio Cardoso and Leo Gonçalves

Producer: Fat Bastard

Director: Pedro Becker


My name is Fabio Matiazzi.
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